Seminar: JuanD Moreno-Ternero (Universidad Pablo de Olavide)

Thu, 10/19/2023 - 22:58
Operaciones matemáticas y gráficas sobre una pizarra

Title: Revenue sharing at music streaming platforms

Room: E22

Time: 12.30

Abstract: We study the problem of sharing the revenues raised from subscriptions to music streaming platforms among content providers. We provide direct, axiomatic and game-theoretical foundations for two focal (and somewhat polar) methods widely used in practice: pro-rata and user-centric. The former rewards artists proportionally to their number of total streams. With the latter, each user's subscription fee is proportionally divided among the artists streamed by that user. We also provide foundations for a family of methods compromising among the previous two, which addresses the rising concern in the music industry to explore new streaming models that better align the interests of artists, fans and streaming services.