Seminario: Catarina Goulão (Toulouse School of Economics)

Lun, 08/01/2024 - 22:08
Publicación Científica con 2 boligrafos negro y rojo sobre ella

Título: Between- and within-household ultra-processed food consumption in France

Sala: E22

Hora: 12.30

Resumen: Ultra-processed food (UPF) consumption has been associated with the prevalence of obesity and non-communicable chronic diseases such as some types of cancers, diabetes and heart diseases. However, the determinants for the consumption of UPF are not well documented. We construct a unique longitudinal dataset of at-home food consumption of French households for 2004-2015, to which we merge information regarding nutritional values and degree of food processing. We develop a panel data econometric analysis to identify the determinants of UPF consumption exploiting the between- and the within household variations. 

We find that socio-economic demographics seem to explain differences of consumption patterns between households: higher levels of UPF consumption is associated with obesity status, young cohorts, poverty, rural, north and east regions. However, differences within households are more difficult to explain. Indeed, aside price effects, only variables related to changes in household composition, such as the arrival of young children or becoming single, are positive correlated with UPF consumption.

Yet, prices affect UPF purchases and induce substitution of UPF for non UPF, and this is particularly true for vulnerable populations. Our results suggest that policies aiming to reduce UPF consumption should, on the one hand, focus on specific populations and, on the other hand, use prices to reduce the part of UPF on consumption patterns.